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July 20
About Me
Michael Mayo, a singer, songwriter, music producer and entrepreneur. Born in 1998, in Connecticut, Michael Mayo grew up with a love of all of music! After riding in a car with his father and listening to radio and hearing a song that had a high pitched voice. Michael became curious on how did they got someone's voice to sound like that. After Learning about Music Production Michael Mayo started producing music at the age of 14. At the age of 16 Michael started to take music more seriously. Releasing his first album called "Σmer" From That point on Michael Mayo has continued to worked hard to create a unique sound and brand. At the age of 17 Michael Mayo had released his second album and started to upload his acapellas online which further gained exposure and traction. This resulted in him collaborating with names such asthe world-renowned Cirque Du Soliel, Apex Records, Bass Cartel, C Y G N, Subfer, Pixel Lord, NonFiction, Mari Vannucci, Nick Wryte, Subject Music, Myhm, Cybeats, Subfer and more! Now...Currently Michael Mayo has over 6000 remixes his work of music and has been on the top charts of 3 countries, and been played on the radio in over 30 lands. Michael Mayo continues to create new music and work with great people in the industry. MIchael Mayo has recently started a music group to help other great artist excel in the music industry. He is also working on his 4th album now. He enjoy traveling connecting with fans!